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    Cast: Professor Clete Ferguson John Agar Helen Dobson Lori Nelson Joseph Hayes John Bromfield Captain Lucas Nestor Paiva Jackson Foster Grandon Rhodes Lou Gibson Dave Willock George Johnson Robert Williams Police Captain Charles R. Cane Woman on Boat Loretta Agar Gill Man (underwater) Ricou Browning Pat, teen killed by Gill-man Patrick Curtis Miss Abbott, chimp trainer Diana DeLaire Cop Mike Doyle Jennings, lab technician Clint Eastwood Skipper Jack Gargan Cop Charles Gibb Pete (killed by Gill-man) Bret Halsey Mac, a professor Don C. Harvey Gill Man (on land) Tom Hennesy Bit Don House Charlie Robert F. Hoy Newscaster Ned Le Fevre Announcer Sydney Mason Dr. McCuller Robert Nelson Cop Charles Victor Joe (with searchlight Bob Wehling

Directed by Jack Arnold; Screenplay by William Alland (story) and Martin Berkeley; Produced by William Alland; Music by William Lava, Henry Mancini, Milton Rosen, Hans J. Salter, Frank Skinner and Herman Stein; Cinematography by Charles S. Welbourne; Film Edited by Paul Weatherwax; Art Direction by Alexander Golitzen and Alfred Sweeney; Set Decoration by Russell A. Gausman and Julia Heron; Hair stylist: Joan St. Oegger; Makeup by Bud Westmore; Assistant Director: Fred Frank; Sound by Jack A. Bolger Jr. and Leslie I. Carey; Musical director: Joseph Gershenson; Creature design by Jack Kevan and Milicent Patrick; Gown supervisor: Jay A. Morley Jr.; Production dates: late June - early August 1954; Premiered March 29, 1955 in Detroit, Michigan and New Haven, Connecticut; Los Angeles opening: March 30, 1955; New York opening: May 13, 1955; Released in May, 1955. Running time: 82 Minutes. A Universal-International Picture.

The story: A murderous creature, half-man and half-fish, leads George Johnson and Joe Hayes to the Black Lagoon in the Amazon jungle. Johnson is owner and Joe is chief attendant at Ocean Harbor, a Florida establishment which exhibits all forms of marine life.
The two Americans succeed in capturing the creature alive after the monster has almost killed Joe. The creature is taken back to Ocean Harbor and is put on exhibition in a special tank.
Clete Ferguson, a young professor of animal psychology, and Helen Dobson, a graduate of icthology, view the monster. Helen assists Clete in experiments he conducts to ascertain the creature's mental capacity. A romance develops between the young couple.
The creature tugs ceaselessly at its chains, and one day, a link breaks, and it is free. Joe and another attendant are crushed and clawed to death. The monster disappears in the nearby river.
The creature eludes all pursuers even while he manages to remain constantly in the vacinity of Helen, who is unaware of her danger.
One evening when she is dancing with Clete in a Florida night club, the creature emerges from the water, invades the cafe, picks up Helen and makes off with her.
The creature is cornered on a nearby beach. Clete manages to get the monster to drop Helen on the sand and make for the water. The assembled hunters, who've been withholding their fire for fear of hitting Helen, then let loose with a veritable barrage, but the monster, though wounded, succeeds in reaching the water and diving down deep.